Our Team

A sincere and qualified team of personnel are appointed to carry out the business tasks in a professional way. They are very honest and dedicated towards their work thus; strive to accomplish the assigned tasks within the time frame. All our team mates work in close proximity so to achieve the business targets in an effective manner. We have the following members in our team:

A team plays an important role in the growth and development of an organization. We have a strong team of dedicated professionals; each and every member of our team is highly qualified and extremely experienced in their respective works. For the better functioning, we have divided our employees in different teams such as research & development, production, quality control, sales & marketing and a few more. All the members of these teams work in collaboration with each other. In this way, they contribute in making our offered range of items of the best in class quality.

Sales team has outstanding knowledge of agriculture and offers customers solutions through technical support and consultation.

Time is quite important for agriculture. Well-trained stuffs in our logistics department guarantee good storage, transport and shipment in time.

With strong background of agriculture and chemistry, our technical staffs devote into developing new products, improving technics, supplying technical support and solution.

Pest and Disease Control:

  • Take a picture of the crop with your phone camera using the free Athrav Mobile App on Android or iPhone.
  • Athrav Mobile App detects the crop and disease or pest infestation.
  • Learn about the symptom in detail in major Indian languages or English.
  • Get recommendation on remedies for cure and prevention.
  • Instantly discuss with our Agronomist regarding the problem and remedy.
  • Get to know farm input products which can offer remedy for the problem
  • Place order in app and our authorized distributor will deliver the product at your place.

“Growth is actually a complex processes with different organs developing, growing and dying in overlapping sequences”. It is also: “Irreversible increase in size, weight, or volume”.

Types of growth:

There are basically two types of growth:

  • Determinate growth
  • Indeterminate growth
  • Determinate growth:

It is the type of growth in which a plant first completes its vegetative growth and then it shifts to the reproductive growth. For example: wheat.

  • Indeterminate growth:

In this type of growth, both stages “vegetative and reproductive” of a plant goes side by side. For example: Cotton.

Phases of Growth:

Basically, there are two phases of growth:

  • Vegetative
  • Reproductive
  • Vegetative phase:

It is that stage of growth when a plant develops its vegetative part. For example, leaves, roots, stem etc.

  • Reproductive phase:

It is that stage of growth when a plant develops its reproductive part. For example, ovaries, anthers etc.

Growth stages for Cereals crops:

There are different stages of crop for the cereal cops that are:

  • Vegetative stage: In this stage of growth, leaves emerge from the plant. (stem elongation process not started).
  • Stem elongation stage: In this stage of development, stem elongation starts, specify early or late jointing.
  • Booting stage: In this stage, flower head is enclosed in flag leaf sheath and not showing.
  • Heading: In this stage, flower head emerging or emerged from flag leaf sheath but not shedding pollen.
  • Anthesis: In this flowering stage, anthers shedding pollen.
  • Milking stage: Seed immature, endosperm milky.
  • Dough stage: In this stage, well developed seed is produced.
  • Ripe seed: Seed ripe, leaves green to yellow brown.

Growth stages for legume crops:

There are different growth stages for the legume crops, which are:

  • Late vegetative: In this stage of leguminous crop, the crop has no visible buds, flowers, or seed pods. Stem at least 12 inch tall.
  • Early bud: In this stage of growth and development, flowers start to visible on at least one stem (1%).
  • Mid bud: In this stage of development of plant, Half (50%) of the stems have at least one bud.
  • Late bud: In this stage of plant growth, 75% of the stems have at least one bud and no visible flower.
  • First bloom: In this stage, flowers emerge on at least one stem.
  • Mid bloom: In this stage, 50% stems of plant have at least one flower.

Full bloom: In this stage of growth of a plant, 75% of the stems have at least one flower, and no visible seed pods.