Athrav Agricure Mobile App

Farmers’ Friend in Need, it’s Athrav Agricure Indeed!!!

The app focuses on modern organic agriculture and the new update packs it with more features. The easy to use interface makes it further easy for farmers to navigate the app. The Athrav Mobile App is powered with the following key features:
  • Crop Calendar: Every day counts in farming. Right from sowing and watering, to providing the dosage of fertilizers and nutrients, everything is time bound. And when timing is so important, it was obvious that we had a state-of-the-art crop calendar feature. There are also easy to understand charts and pictorial depictions which are very easy to understand. It is also linked to the dosage calculator which tells you exactly which fertilizer to use and in which quantity. What’s more, it keeps all your dates in sync so that nothing comes in between you and a bumper harvest.
  • Soil testing: Soil health is paramount in agriculture. Athrav Mobile App gives you access to the best soil labs in India. Simply fill in a form and we will collect the samples from you. We will get the samples tested and the results will be available on your app. Thus, you can tweak your fertilizers, micro and macro nutrients and seeds accordingly.
  • Nutrient Deficiency: This feature in the app gives you comprehensive knowledge about crop nutrition. Thus, it will keep you abreast of any deficiencies your crop faces from time to time. With the help of this feature you can decide which nutrient to give your crop and when.
  • Knowledge Center: Knowledge is what keeps you ahead. And when it comes to farming, Athrav Mobile App is treasure trove of knowledge. It has blogs, articles, videos and tips for modern organic farming. There are specific guidelines for a lot of practices. Farmers can also ask queries and interact with other farmers in the interactive mode using video, audio or text.
  • Athrav Mobile App is an Android / iPhone based mobile application. It provides complete information on Crop Production, Crop Protection, Smart Farming with agriculture and allied services. In addition to being an information portal, Athrav Mobile App is also an online market place for bringing in farmers, Agri Input, retailers & fulfillment services on a common digital platform. Athrav Mobile App powered by passionate professionals and dreams about making agriculture more sustainable, in terms of both ecology and economy, with the help of technology in short time. This is an agriculture app for farmers that will be greatly beneficial to farming community.
  • We work on precision and predictive agriculture while building a strong Agri-Ecosystem for the benefit of farmers and make healthy soil and happy farmer with better returns on the investment for framers.
  • Athrav Mobile App works to fill the gap between farmers and accurate strategic Agricultural information, with the involvement of Agriculture Experts. Thus, enabling farmers to reach high-efficiency technology-enabled agriculture production and marketing of the Agriculture produce, ensuring a win-win situation to Farmers and Agriculture Economy.
  • With this approach consult our crop advisors prior to buying. They will help you to buy solutions for best crop production. And you get these products at discounted prices from online and will have delivery services/ solutions not just goods.
  • Complete information of the Crop right from Sowing till Harvesting
  • Explore the Science and Art of Agriculture for each crop at your convenient time. You can refer to it when you are in the field to understand all the factors of production leading to profitable agriculture. The expert guidebook is with you all the time, even in your local language!
  • Timely remainders for Smart farming & Scientific Agro advisory.
  • Agriculture experts bring you the calendar of events for your planned crop with respect to the entire set of operations on a real time basis. Agro /crop advisory are delivered to your mobile which will help you to get into operations. This is one-of-its-kind service offered by Athrav Mobile App to enable farmers to address critical crop events at the right stage to enhance the productivity and achieve the full-potential of the crop.
  • Chat with Expert: Get real-time Agro Advisory through Agri Experts.
  • Any query with respect to crop Advisory or protection? Our expert Crop/ Agri Advisors are ready to answer you and support you in your way of keeping your crops healthy and happy. You can connect with our crop experts through Chat, Videos, Voice Message or Images and they will get back to you with the remedy in terms of Soil Health, Nutrition deficiency or Disease Pest Management.
  • Chat and get support for better yield!!!
  • News and Videos: Get on time information about Agriculture around the world.
  • Enjoy the feature of news and videos focused on agriculture. Stay connected to the recent trends and innovative happenings from around the world for sustainable agriculture.