PROM is manufactured and marketed in India by Athrav Agricure under Punjj brand . PROM is produced by co-composting of high grade (32% P2O5) rock phosphate in very fine size with organic manure such as Compost, Vermi-compost, Cow dung, Soy meal, domestic kitchen waste etc. The efficiency of PROM is totally depended on the particle size of rock phosphate.


Is made by composting various phosphorus-rich organic materials like press mud ,
cow dung, cow urine, crop waste from sugar mill , waste of juice industry , various
types of cakes, etc. with rock phosphate.


It works effectively in saline and alkaline soils whereas DAP does not work in
such soils.

Increases the production by improving the physicochemical and biological properties
of the soil.

Balances the pH value of the soil and is also helpful in humus formation.

Weight 50 kg

Phosphate rich organic manure is a type of fertilizer used as an alternative to diammonium phosphate and single super phosphate.


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